Worshipping God through Painting

Worship Art Workshop

The focus of the Worship Art Workshop is to worship God through painting.  In this workshop, we spend time  preparing to, and also worshipping God through painting.  During this 3 hour workshop, participants can paint up to 4 paintings.

Worship Art Background

The Worship Art workshop was developed for a Worship-Themed Retreat.

Anna Elliott created this workshop based on her morning routine.


What is Worship Art?

 Worship Art is an experiential workshop designed to provide space

and focus for you to prepare to and worship God through painting.


The goal is to experience a deeper connection with God by

worshipping Him through painting.  It is also designed to take you

further in your understanding of what God is doing through people

when they worship Him through painting.

Each person's Worship Art experience is unique to them.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for individuals interested in worshipping God, or worshipping God through painting.  This workshop is an opportunity for you to explore worshipping God in a way you may not have before or to deepen your existing worship art practice.

What if I am not an artist or a painter?

No artistic talent is required for this workshop.  This workshop focuses on the meaning behind the painting. 


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Four word exercise used with permission from Laurie Zaigon, Art & Creativity for Healing, Inc., Laguna Hills, CA.


"This was a gentle, Spirit-led time to connect with God through painting.  It didn't matter how good I was at it.  It was about interacting with God."

Kris, Worship Art Participant

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