Why Art Workshops?

You may be wondering about the answer to this question.  Why would a person with a viable career decide to change course?  For my story, go here.  What I want to show you is not just how it transformed my life, and my desire to share it with you,  but also to educate you on a few topics that will help you determine the answer to Why Art Workshops? for yourself.

How Humans were Designed

1. God the Creator, we were made in His image and likeness.


2. Born to Create

Theresa Dedmon Book

3. Purposed to live life.

John 10:10

4. Kingdom Living.  Dominion over the animals.

The Physical Benefits of Creative Expression

What are the benefits of creative expression?  Even if you don't agree with what the Bible says, creative expression can still impact the body physically as it is how we were made.

Painting as a Tool

Painting as a Tool

Painting is just one example of Creative Expression. There are many examples of creative expression: gardening, painting, drawing, mixed media, mosaics, sculpture, pottery, wood working, on and on it goes.  However, unlike some of the other crafts, it can be done with few supplies, can be more portable and can take up less storage space than other creative endeavors.

Brain Education

We have two sides of the brain, the logic brain and the limbic brain.  The act of painting, via brushstroke, allows the body to bypass the limbic brain to the emotional brain. This can be helpful for connecting to yourself, which enables you to connect with God and others, be present and enjoy life. 

The Value of Art Workshops

Why do you call them "Spirit, Soul and Body" Art Workshops? 


Everyone has a spirit, mind, will, emotions and a physical body; it is important to address the whole body. In my workshops, you will have the opportunity to address the whole body.

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