Here are the 5 main components of my art business... 

What I do 

I paint as an enjoyable, energizing way to connect with myself, God and others.

I blog about art, God, and whatever else is in my head.

I create new workshops based on my own experiences and lead people through the process.

I instruct workshops as a means of helping others.

I sell my original paintings, and cards of my paintings.

  1. You register in Advance

  2. It's for a Set time

  3. Supplies are provided

  4. It's FUN

  5. You paint... in a group of people at the same time and location

  6. Create in community, socialize and/or connect with others

  7. You take home your creation

In my 3 hour experiential workshops:

  • I lead participants through a process to connect through painting*. 

  • Participants can paint up to 4 paintings specific to them. 

  • No artistic talent or prior experience required.

  • The meaning behind the painting matters.   

  • The workshop theme is a topic that I've either been trained in, or that I've walked through myself. 

  • My workshops are held in Churches, Ministries and Non-Profits. 

So my workshops are fun AND meaningful.  These workshops are intended to help you live out the philosophy of: Paint. Connect. Live.


In my personal life, I use painting to gain what I need on a regular basis.  

In my workshops:

We use painting as a tool, a means to an end.

I teach you how to build the muscles to have the opportunity to connect.



Painting can provide the opportunity to focus on something for a longer period of time.  This provides the ability to connect further than before or at a deeper level. This is an opportunity to grow.



I am not trying to, nor expecting to make full-time painters out of each of you.  The goal of painting in the way that I teach you is for you to be able to then go live, better connected to yourself, God and others, with the ability to better appreciate and live life.  

*My workshops are NOT technical painting classes.





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