Coral in Bloom - Story behind the Painting

Over 10 years ago, I had the picture in my mind of a flower in water as a result of a trip I had taken where I spent a lot of time by myself, traveling and thinking about things.  

God must have known I think in pictures, because He gave me a picture in my mind of a flower in water… 

I asked Him what it was about and He said that I am a flower.. when I am in His living water, I bloom, thriving and living as I was created to be.  

When I am not in His living water, I wither.  

I am designed to be connected to Him.  

And in that state, I am at my best, regardless of circumstances, regardless of anything or anyone else.  

As I thought about what He told me and how I needed that reminder / course correction, I thought it was represented in a lily on a lily pad in a river.  

So I decided to create a physical representation of it in the form of a glass mosaic.  

When I was thinking about what logo I wanted and what it would represent, I knew I wanted a blossom. 

I wanted to create a painting of a blooming flower, that represented me connected to Him. 

I chose coral, one of my favorite colors.  

So I painted it and you will see it in the near future in one of my logos…

To remind me and you that:

He designed us to be connected to His living water.

God gave us what we need to bloom.  

And when we are connected to Him, we bloom. 

So I introduce you to… Coral in Bloom...  

To remind us to be connected to Him.

And that we will bloom as a result.  

And that is what I want for You and Me.

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Coral In Bloom - Original Painting by Anna Jane Elliott, June 2018





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