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Paint His Names Workshop

Remember the first time you meet someone? What is the first thing that you do to get to know them?  You ask for their name... so it is with God, one of the best ways we can get to know Him is through His names.  And one of the quickest ways to focus on Him, and not in a mountain in our life, is by focusing on one of His names.  This workshop is designed to help you do that....

The focus of the Paint His Names Workshop is to get to know God better through some of His names through painting them.   By focusing on His names, and what represents the concepts of His names to you, you can focus on Him more easily, internalize better / grow a deeper connection with God, and personalize what His names mean to you.  By having a deeper connection to God through His names, you can weather greater storms and have greater confidence in knowing who He is and have the opportunity to share with others what His names mean to you through your paintings. During this 3 hour workshop, participants can paint a warm-up painting exercise followed by 3 paintings.

Paint His Names Background

The Paint His Names Workshop was developed by Anna Elliott, as a response to a time when she was going through a very hard time (in the days before and after her mom passed away) and God gave her the gift of showing her His names, what would represented each of them to her, and instructed her to paint them.  In general, He did not show  them to her all at once, He showed them to her one at a time, and then it was her opportunity to paint them, and then He showed her more to paint.  He used that time when she was struggling with her mom dying to lead her through it by spending some time focusing on His names and painting them on a regular basis.


In fact, the first few that she painted, she was able to show her mom and they were able to have a conversation about them.  And the Names of God, and one of her mom, that she had painted at that point were on display at her mom's memorial service in Alaska.  


What is Paint His Names?

 The Paint His Names Workshop is an experiential workshop designed to help you focus on God by painting His names, get to know God better by knowing and focusing on His names, and giving you the opportunity to create three paintings that can remind you of His names and what they mean to you specifically..


The goal is to have a more solid foundation in who God is, in general, and specifically to you through knowing and painting His names.  

It is also designed to help you think about His names, to think about what

His names mean in general, what they mean to you specifically,  and what

to paint that represents them to you.  By painting His names, we are

focusing not just on His names, but what they, and in turn He, mean(s) to

us.  This gives us an opportunity to recognize the way that we see God

specific to three of His Names and to reset that lens if needed, and/or

to develop a stronger or deeper connection with Him as a result.   When

our connection with God is doing well, we are able to show up better in our 

lives, in the little and the big things.  On the so-so days and the great days

and the bummer or really tough days.

Maybe you struggle to find the time to think about or focus on the Names of God.  Maybe you tend to think you know He has different names in the Bible and just knowing the actual words that are His names is sufficient for you.  What if those names meant more to you... Would that impact how you thought of Him?  Would that impact your connection with Him?  Maybe He feels close already, maybe He feels distant, or maybe you think you all have an agreement where things are okay.  We can all use a time to focus on Him and what His names are, and what they mean to us to know Him more, to help us in our daily life, and to weather great storms.   This workshop gives you dedicated time and an experience to address each of those aspects in a way that supports you for focusing on His names and having a better connection with God as a result.

Each person's Names of God experience is unique to them.  It is your opportunity to hear from God and paint what you need to paint, which can be realized by you during the workshop.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for individuals interested in completing their year, and knowing its meaning and impact on you and others and starting the next year strong, with clarity and purpose.  This workshop is an opportunity for you to explore the meaning of this year and focus of the next.  This is also the opportunity to document your previous year, how it has impacted you, and also what it means to you specifically.  

What if I am not an artist or a painter?

No artistic talent is required for this workshop.  This workshop focuses on the meaning behind the painting. 


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Four word exercise used with permission from Laurie Zaigon, Art & Creativity for Healing, Inc., Laguna Hills, CA.


"God used His Names to help me get through the hardest time in my life... as my mom was dying and in the time right after her death.  He used His names to remind me of who He is, what His names mean, and what specifically represents to me those Names.  As a result, He helped me know Him better and deeper during a time when I really needed Him.  The Names of God is the art workshop version of what I did during that time, and what I do time to time as He gives me images and His names and tells me to paint them. 

I hope you find this workshop as meaningful and helpful in your walk to know God better, to internalize who He is and what He means to you so that you can have a greater connection with Him, and support yourself in showing up better for yourself and others as a result."

Anna, Names of God

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