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Paint Your Testimony Art Workshop


Paint Your Testimony  in this Live, 3 Hr Workshop

Connect to Your Testimony

Live Zoom Workshop on Saturday May 15, 2021 at 1 pm EST (9 am AK time)

The Sign-Up Deadline is: Wednesday, May 6, 2021 at 9 pm AK time.

Connecting to Your Testimony as a Believer in Jesus Christ

In this workshop, we focus on 3 different aspects of you that in combination can help you to express the story of your testimony.  During this 3 hour workshop, participants can paint a warm-up painting exercise followed by 3 paintings.

Your Unique Testimony

Let's say you are sitting down with a friend, maybe one that is not a believer, and they have been going through a time of curiosity... a time where they have been looking into different religions, feeling like they are missing something and see that their gap in spirituality is affecting them and are wanting to choose a path... so they ask you...

What was it like when you accepted Jesus Christ? 

What was your life like beforehand?

And how has your life changed?

And what comes up for you?

What do you feel when they ask you those questions? 

Do you have answers?  Do you feel confident?  Embarrassed?  Discouraged? 

See if we are unclear about the answers, or if we think our answers aren't compelling or if we aren't that convinced it has made a difference for us...

we can be hesitant to share our story even when someone else is asking for us to...

So what does this result in?

We avoid talking about it...

we don't focus on figuring out what the impact has been, maybe because we fear that maybe there hasn't been one...

but a lot of times, it is because we have forgotten, or because our logic and our feelings are not in alignment, causing tensions or lack of confidence in our answers, or embarrassment or discouragement.

So we avoid  those conversations, afraid we won't have great answers, or are concerned about admitting we are struggling, so we avoid being vulnerable and letting people in..

But the thing is... this is YOUR testimony.... this is YOUR experience... this is YOUR time to have those answers, to align your logic and your emotions...

to not fear or dread other people asking those questions, but to be ready and willing to share when the time comes..

Because it will...

many are still trying to "get back to normal" and there may be uncertainty around job situations, income or finances associated with jobs, with childcare or being stretched to the max...

and people are looking for answers, beyond trying to control the situation because for the first time, they may be realizing that they really don't have control over everything, and that there is something missing in their life, and so they are more open than before, and curious, and looking for authentic people willing to share their experiences so they can have increased connection with people, and fill a God-shaped hole in their heart. 

So how do we get from avoiding sharing and feeling uncomfortable with it to being vulnerable, sharing with ease and naturally full of joy whenever we are asked? 

And how do we encourage ourselves when we forget what we have been through and others without putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect?  I

t is because we have processed our story to the point of resolving it.  And how do we do that, in a way that is specific to you and your testimony?

Enter the Paint Your Testimony Workshop...

In which we spend some time resolving your experience, before during and since your conversion, and what that story looks like for you..  In this workshop, we go through your conversion experience of accepting Christ., what it means to you, and the impact it has had on you, no matter how much of a change you think it has or hasn't had on you before this workshop.

So let's create the testimony authentic to you and your story... using painting as a tool...

So that the next time you are asked to share your testimony, you want to share it.. with confidence and with heart, knowing you prepared for this and are ready... 

So you can have a physical representation of your experience to: encourage yourself in the valleys and others not as far along their own journey.

And if you don't believe in Jesus, this may or may not be the workshop for you, depending on if you are open to the experience of learning about the impact he has made on many people's lives. 

So if the above resonated with you, I invite you to join me in the Paint Your Testimony workshop!  Registration is now open through Thursday night, May 6th.


This is also an opportunity to document your testimony: to encouraging and remind yourself and to encourage others later as well. It is the opportunity to be prepared for when people ask you what the difference accepting Jesus Christ has made in your life.

In this workshop, you can have the opportunity to paint 3 paintings.  This workshop is a live event, and is standalone. 

This workshop price includes a paint box shipped to you if you have a US mailing address.  The deadline to purchase the paint box is 10-12 days prior to the workshop to help your paint box arrive in time. 

In this workshop, you can have the opportunity to paint 3 paintings.  This workshop is a live event, and is standalone. 

This workshop price includes a paint box shipped to you if you have a US mailing address.  The deadline to purchase the paint box is 10-12 days prior to the workshop to help your paint box arrive in time. 

Each person's Paint Your Purpose experience is unique to them.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for individuals interested in connecting to their testimony to remind themselves and encourage others.

What if I am not an artist or a painter?

No artistic talent is required for this workshop.  This workshop focuses on the meaning behind the painting. 

For general workshop and instructor information, click here 

Four word exercise used with permission from Laurie Zaigon, Art & Creativity for Healing, Inc., Laguna Hills, CA.

"I went into a time of questioning after my son was born and after my mom died.  It is natural after big life changes to reconsider your life.  For me, it was a time where I not just wondered what I was put on here to do, but why I didn't have clarity about it.  So I went on a journey to figure it out.  And the result is this workshop!"

Anna, Paint Your Purpose Workshop Creator

When you sign up for this online art workshop, here's what you'll get:

  • 3 Hr Live Art Workshop held on Zoom
  • Paint Box with painting supplies to be used during the workshop, shipped to you (only US mailing addresses) as provided in the address on the right side of this page.

The Paint Box includes art supplies for a one-time Paint Your Story art workshop: 

  1. 3 Canvases (Framed or Panels)
  2. Brushes
  3. Paint
  4. Disposable Apron and Name Tag
  5. Disposable Paint Palette

The Paint Box is anticipated to be shipped about 10 days prior to the art workshop date.   

To participate in the workshop, you need:

  1. To be Comfortable with using and operating Zoom software (this includes turning on/off the camera, microphone, using the raise hand and chat features).
  2. A computer with updated Zoom software. See Zoom for more information.
  3. High-Speed Internet Access.

To prepare for the art workshop, here are some useful supplies not covered in the workshop that can enhance your experience:

1. Water Container for cleaning brushes (not something you ever use to drink out of, could be a plastic cup or a plastic container of some kind).

2. Paper Towels and Baby Wipes (to wipe brush paint on, and for cleaning up messes or cleaning your hands)

3. Tissues (such as Kleenex)

4. Something to cover your table to protect it from paint (I recommend a plastic tablecloth or garbage bag).

5. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink (my fav has been SpinDrift).

5. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes you don't mind getting paint on in case it happens.

6. Be sure to come camera ready, with videocamera on so we can see you!


Please show up 20-30 minutes prior so that in case you have any trouble connecting you might have time to get it figured out or your computer rebooted and won't have missed anything.  We'll get started about 15 minutes before so we can set up our paint palette together before we get started!

Email Reminders & Zoom Link

Once you sign-up here, you will receive a confirmation email.  Later, you will receive follow-up emails with the above  information as well as reminder emails a few days prior as well as day of to help you remember to come to the Art Workshop.  These emails will include a zoom link to the event so you can register in advance and add to your calendar.  

I look forward to our time together discovering your Testimony!

Anna Elliott 


What People Are Saying About Anna Jane Elliott Workshops:

I'm excited to be able to look at my paintings and ask the Lord to keep revealing Himself to me through them.


I have a wounding in the area of creativity and this helped me toward healing.


God reminded me of His presence with me always in the midst of whatever is happening in life and that was very encouraging.