Process Your Grief through Painting, and other Tools

Grief and Loss Workshop

There are so many ways to experience loss -  deaths,  relationship break-ups,  trauma, natural disasters,  other people stealing your stuff, and many more.   Loss, and the grief that accompanies it, can be because the loss is about something you lost, how that impacted you then and the meaning about yourself, your life, or something else that still affects you to this day.  It could also be because you didn't get something that you did need.  And yet, whether the loss happened yesterday or many years ago, whether it was something you had and lost or something you never had, our unresolved processing of loss and the grief that can accompany it, can create a lens that affects view of the past, our present and our future, and this can happen in spite of, or without our even knowing it.  While there isn't a way around, there is no "easy button" that automatically processes it for you,  but there is a way through and process that is a gentler way of addressing it so you can process it and move on in a more wholistic way...


Each person is unique, and each loss and grief experience is unique as well, so a rigid, step-by-step linear process can leave us feeling lacking, hopeless or wondering what is wrong with us, or if we will ever "get over" whatever it was that happened.  Instead, what can work is a group of tools that depending on what you need at the time, can be applied to you and your situation in a way that supports you, in a way that is encouraging and uplifting, so that the overwhelming feeling can be temporary and not the new normal. 


  Instead, over time, we can use tools to address our loss and grief,

as it comes up - whether something new happens,

or whether something happened long ago. 

Grief and loss processing can feel like peeling back layers of an onion. 

And we can have a grief tank that keeps building as we continue to pile

our grief in it when we decide to not process it, and eventually, or

sooner than later, the emotions bubble up and start to spill out. 

Whether you have avoided grieving what you lost,

or whether you feel emotional and want to not feel that way all the time,

this workshop is designed to help you build the skills to process grief,

give you some tools, the opportunity to apply them to you and your situation,

and to start to practice them, so you can do them on your own, in your own time,

whenever grief hits, or whenever you take time to address it.

The focus of the Grief and Loss Workshop is to set-up and try the tools that could help you when you need them, when the grief comes and you need a way to process it right then, or to be able to shelve it for later that day until you can address it.  Sometimes we can get discouraged because we feel stuck in grief and can't seem to find out way out.  There are ways to return to Joy and this workshop is meant to show you how, give you a chance to set-it up for yourself and to practice it so you are familiar with it and have the tools in place for when you need them - whether in 5 minutes, later today, tomorrow or next week.   During this 3 hour workshop, participants can set-up the tools they can use, practice using the tools to start building the skills you need to address the grief whenever it comes.  This workshop includes time to set-up your tools and exercises, an opportunity to apply those tools and to apply them while painting a painting.

Grief and Loss Background

The Grief and Loss Workshop was developed by Anna Elliott.  This is the workshop she never wanted to create... because she didn't want to learn the skills it includes, because she had to learn them because of the death of her mother.  At the same time, this is one of the most meaningful, impactful, and purposeful workshops she has created, because of how this practice has helped her get through the hardest time in her life and through to the other side.  She continues to use the tools used in this workshop, and is excited to be able to share them with you in this workshop because of what they can do for you.  I hope you join us, and use these tools to address whatever you need to when it comes up.   


What is Grief and Loss?

 Grief and Loss is a series of tools and a process to use them in order to process your grief from whatever loss you have experienced

(focusing on your emotions), as you experience it, and as you need to process it.   The workshop helps you to set up the tools for you, and gives you the opportunity to practice them in a supportive environment.  It is an experiential workshop designed to help you learn and practice the tools, and the process, including painting.  

It is also designed to help you over time be able to process your grief.

Maybe... you don't want to feel anything you don't feel anything maybe you avoid them because the loss is too painful to go there

you find yourself overcome by emotions and you just wish it would stop.  

Whatever the case, we as humans were designed to feel emotions and be able to let them go.  We weren't made to hold onto

negative emotions and this workshop helps you to do that.  Because it can get easy to get stuck with them - buried inside -

because in American Culture it is typically not acceptable to have them or express them.

But you are WORTH processing them..

YOU are WORTH learning and applying to the tools to you,

and to your situation.  

Each person's Grief and Loss experience is unique to them. 

It is your opportunity to hear from God and paint what you need to paint,

which can be realized by you during the workshop.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for individuals interested in addressing their grief in a gentler, supportive way that helps you move through it instead of bottling it up inside, or letting it pile up until it starts bubbling over.  painting His promises, knowing His promises, providing an awareness of your relationship to His promises, having an opportunity to reset them if needed and connecting to God through His promises.  This workshop is an opportunity to document His promises in a way that you can relate to and that helps you connect to His promises, and in turn God, in a deeper way.  

What if I am not an artist or a painter?

This workshop focuses on tools for you to apply to you and to use to process grief when you need it. No artistic talent is required for this workshop.   Also, this workshop focuses on the meaning behind the painting. 


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About the Grief & Loss Workshop:

"I created this workshop to give you some tools and a process for letting yourself emotionally process experiences of loss that result in grief.  They are what I used to help me work through the death of my mom.  Up until then I had dealt with a variety of experiences, and had successfully avoided feeling my emotions, or processing them, as much as I could because it wasn't comfortable, and it was keeping me stuck in a place of misery. 

But you and I are worth processing them, letting the pressure off the bucket where we have put them when we don't want to or when we save them to deal with them later, and eventually the bucket gets full.  We weren't designed to carry our emotions indefinitely, and this workshop is designed to help you grieve in a productive way, so when you are ready you can live again"

Anna, Grief & Loss Workshop Creator

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