Connect with God through Painting His Attributes

Paint His Attributes Workshop

The first step in knowing someone is knowing someone's name.  The next in knowing someone is getting to know their  Attributes or Character.  When you think of your favorite person, what do you think of? Probably who they are as a person, and part of who they are is their character, which you get to know deeper through your experiences with that person.   Knowing God's character is one thing, and experiencing His character helps to endear us to Him.  And this workshop is designed to help you do that....

The focus of the Paint His Attributes Workshop is to get to know God better through some of His attributes through painting them.   By focusing on His character, and what represents the concepts of His character to you, you can remember who He is, when things happen and you are tempted to think otherwise, you can remember who He is.  By painting His character, you are getting to know Him on a deeper level, at the heart level, where what you feel about His character becomes aligned with what you think about His character consistent with what the Bible tells us.  By personalizing what His character means to you through painting, we can internalize better and grow a deeper connection with God.  By having a deeper connection to God through His character, you can weather greater storms and have greater confidence in knowing who He is and have the opportunity to share with others what His character mean to you through your paintings, which can build your faith and encourage those around you.  During this 3 hour workshop, participants can paint a warm-up painting exercise followed by 3 paintings.

Paint His Attributes Background

The Paint His Attributes Workshop was developed by Anna Elliott, as a response to times when she would be in situations where she needed to remember God's character, as encouragement that He is who He says He is.  Many of the characteristics of God became very important to her in times of growth or struggle.   Sometimes we can experience things which we interpret to mean that He is or isn't what He says His is.  Many times we just go on with our lives, not realizing how that new interpretation (lens) is now affecting our present and future.  


What is Paint His Attributes?

 The Attributes of God Workshop is an experiential workshop designed to help you focus on God by painting His attributes, get to know God better by knowing and focusing on His attributes, and giving you the opportunity to create three paintings that can remind you of His attributes and what they mean to you specifically.


The goal is to have a more solid foundation in who God is, in general, and specifically to you through knowing and painting His attributes.  

It is designed to help you focus on His character and what His character

means to you, and to paint what represents His character to you.  By painting

His character, you can bring to light what you feel about His character and

give Him a chance to speak to you about it.  

By bringing to light what we feel about His character, we have an opportunity

to recognize the way that we see God specific to three of attributes, to

reset those lenses if needed, and to develop a stronger or deeper connection

with Him as a result.   When our connection with God is solid, we are

able to show up better in our lives, in the little and the big things.  On the

so-so days and the great days and the bummer or really tough days.

So what is the impact of His character on us?  What we believe about His character affects our relationship with Him, ourselves and others.  For example, if we don't believe God loves us, then we might not believe we are worthy of love.  Or if we don't believe He can be trusted, we may not believe or feel in our heart that He has our back.  And sometimes we focus so much on what we think, we don't give our emotions a chance to tell us what we are feeling if it is not in alignment.

Feeling that God's character is true and not changing, affects our response to Him, to ourselves and the world around us.  We can feel alone and helpless if we don't have anyone to turn to, or if we believe God doesn't act in line with His character.   If we don't believe what He says is true, then we also won't believe what He says about Himself, us, our future here on Earth or in Heaven.   God's trustworthiness is one of the many characteristics of God.  God's character is foundational to our relationship with Him, and affects how we respond in situations outside of our control.  It also affects the extent to which we are willing to go for Him.  If we implicitly trust Him, we are willing to follow Him regardless of where He leads us, how He stretches us, and our willingness to have our character developed in this life.  And we are less affected, distracted or impacted negatively, by situations around us.


Maybe you struggle to find the time to think about or focus on God's character.  Maybe you tend to think you know His character through Bible verses and just knowing the actual words that are His character is sufficient for you.  What if that character meant more to you... Would that impact how you thought of Him?  Would that impact your connection with Him?  Would it impact how you responded to other people?  Maybe He feels close already, maybe He feels distant, or maybe you think you two have an agreement where things are okay.  We can all use a time to focus on Him and what His characteristics are, and what they mean to us to know Him better, feel it deeper in our heart, to help us in our daily life, and to weather great storms.   This workshop gives you dedicated time and an experience to address each of those aspects in a way that supports you for focusing on His character and having a better connection with God as a result.

Each person's Attributes of God experience is unique to them.  It is your opportunity to hear from God and paint what you need to paint, which can be realized by you during the workshop.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for individuals interested in focusing on God's characteristics, finding out what represents them to you,  and painting them.   This workshop is an opportunity for you to explore the meaning of His character and to feel in your heart what you think to be true as found in the Bible.  This is also the opportunity to document His character and what His character means to you.  

What if I am not an artist or a painter?

No artistic talent is required for this workshop.  This workshop focuses on the meaning behind the painting. 


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Four word exercise used with permission from Laurie Zaigon, Art & Creativity for Healing, Inc., Laguna Hills, CA.


"God used His Character to remind me of who He is in challenging times of growth.  He used His character to remind me that He loves me, He has my back, and that He can be trusted in times when I am tempted to interpret situations outside of my control that He is not who He says who He is.  Remembering, knowing and feeling His character better has allowed me to not be so affected by these situations - whether other people's situations, or the fact that I am being impacted by them.  It allows me to not carry burdens I was not meant to carry and to be able to hand them over to Him.

I hope you find this workshop as meaningful and helpful in your walk to know God better, to internalize who He is and what He means to you so that you can have a greater connection with Him, and support yourself in showing up better for yourself and others as a result."

Anna, Attributes of God

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