What If...

What if you could deepen your relationships with the people that mean the most in your life?


What if you could feel more present in your life?


What if you could express yourself creatively no matter what your experience?


What if our creativity was meant to be a reflection of our Maker?


What if your creativity was a tool and a process that could help you take care of your body, your whole body - spirit, soul and physical body?


What if you could take care of yourself in a way that makes you the person God wants you to be - in spirit, soul and body?  


What if you felt more alive, more connected and your life felt more in alignment with what you believe and value?


I know that this is possible for you, and I’d love to show you exactly how through my creative painting practice that has changed my life and the lives of those that have taken my workshops.


So how do I know? Because I do it myself, and I have first-hand experience of how it has impacted me and my life, as well as others who have taken my workshops.


By painting in this way, I am having conversations with myself and with God.


By painting in this way, I am better equipped to connect in my relationships, to serve my family, to do what I was made to do, and to live life as God intended.

My Art Workshop Approach

My Art Workshop Approach

I use painting as a tool.

In my 3 hour experiential workshops:

  • I lead participants through a process to connect through painting*. 

  • Participants can paint up to 4 paintings specific to them (warm-up exercise plus 3 painting exercises). 

  • No artistic talent or prior experience required.

  • The meaning behind the painting matters.   

  • The workshop theme is a topic that I've either been trained in, or that I've walked through myself. 

  • My workshops are held in Churches, Ministries and Non-Profits. 

My workshops are fun AND meaningful. 


And it all goes back to my philosophy of: 

Paint.        Connect.        Live.

*My workshops are NOT technical painting classes.


“My connection with God is stronger, clearer than before.” 


Workshops in 2020:

Identity: Tiaras & Crowns Workshop

Connecting to our Identity as Children of God through Painting

Connecting to the Heart of God through Painting

Art Sozo Workshop

Processing Grief through Painting, and other tools

Grief & Loss Workshop

Connecting to God through Painting His Attributes

Paint His Attributes Workshop

Connecting to God through Painting His Names

Paint His Names Workshop

Connecting to our God stories through Painting

Paint the Story Workshop

Connecting to God through Painting His Promises

Paint His Promises Workshop

Connecting to the Christmas Story through Painting

Paint the Christmas Story Workshop

Connecting to the Easter Story through Painting

Paint the Easter Story Workshop

Process and Celebrate this Year, and Look Forward to the Next Year through Painting

Paint Your Year Workshop

Worshipping God through Painting

Worship Art Workshop

Interested in attending an art workshop? 

Note from the Instructor

I am a Stanford-educated Engineer and former Architecture student.  After going through some difficult challenges, I realized I was needing a closer connection to myself, God, and other people, and a means of creative expression. 


I went through my own journey painting with God and then went on to train with Gail Spooner and took additional training from Art4Healing & Creativity.

This work transformed me, my life, my family and my work.  I am passionate about sharing its impact with those looking for their own connection, outlet and transformation.

I am thrilled to be teaching these workshops and look forward to the impact these workshops can have on participants.


Anna Jane Elliott

Instructor & Workshop Developer

In case you have some questions, here are some answers...

How are your art workshops similar to paint nights?

  1. You register in Advance

  2. It's for a Set time

  3. Supplies are provided

  4. It's FUN

  5. You paint... in a group of people at the same time and location

  6. Create in community, socialize and/or connect with others

  7. You take home your creation

How are your art workshops different than paint nights?

  1. My workshops are typically 3 hours whereas a paint night is typically 1-2 hours in duration.

  2. You paint multiple paintings, usually at a paint night, you paint one painting

  3. What you paint is specific to you (becomes clear in workshop) and it is possible to repeat the same workshop with completely different paintings

  4. The meaning behind the painting matters in my workshops, these are NOT technical painting workshops. 

  5. New ways of thinking, creating new muscles, new habits 

  6. Paint in a way that can connect you with yourself, God and others on a deeper level.

  7. I was trained to teach it, or created them myself based on my own experiences and lead you through applying it to you.

  8. Food is not provided, eat before you come as food could distract you and others during the workshop, bring your own drink (non-alcoholic).

  9. Workshops are physically held in Ministries, Churches, Non-Profits.

What if I am not an artist or a painter?

These workshops are designed for people...


this includes artists, painters AND non-artists or non-painters,


ALL can benefit from this workshop!  No artistic talent or prior painting experience is required for this workshop. 


This workshop focuses on the meaning behind the painting.

Curious what my art workshops are like? Here's a peak...


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