Why Paint the Story Workshop

Sometimes I screw up.
Sometimes I make mistakes.
Sometimes I forget to put gas in my vehicle...or think I can do one more errand or pickup before running out.
And then I run out of gas.
Late at night.
On a highway with no shoulder or in an empty parking lot.
In fact, that happened as recently as this fall, when I put off getting gas until after an Art Workshop,
and then realized I didn't even have enough gas to get to the gas station,
and one of the participants of the workshop
graciously took me to Walmart
to buy a gas can and then help me fill it with gas, and return me to my vehicle.
Sometimes you can't make this stuff up, because it is real life.
I am human, you are human.
And we forget to fill-up with gas or rationalize out of filling-up when we need to (or is it just me?!?).
And yet,
God can...
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Paint the Story Workshop

So painting the story might not directly be in the Bible, but there is a Biblical Basis for creating a physical representation of how God has been involved in your life through remembering and telling these stories to yourself and others.

You might be wondering why, besides my journey, why anyone else wold want to paint their stories in a way that recognizes God's involvement?

Let's look at the Book of Joshua, Chapters 3 & 4. Just for a little context, at this point, Joshua is leading the Israelites as they follow God on their journey to inhabit the promised land. Moses had died, and Joshua is now their leader.

They are about to cross the Jordan River and the water is in the flood stage... God had told them to cross the river, but if they just looked at the river, they might get wrapped up in the situation of trying to cross a flooded river... all while carrying the Ark of the Covenant.

As soon as the Israelites take action, and their feet touch the water, the Jordan...

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