The Reason Behind the Worship Art Workshop

art workshops worship art Aug 08, 2020

The reason the Workshop Art Workshop was created...

The Worship Art Workshop was born not from thinking I needed more worship time in my life, it was born out of the upheaval of many areas of my life and feeling overwhelmed if I thought about all the things that were not going well in my life, not feeling like what I was doing to keep my world spinning in its axis was sustainable, and wondering how we were all going to fair when it crashed.
I didn’t know... what I was supposed to do, what I was good at, or even what I enjoyed.
And I asked God what I was to do next because I had NO IDEA... and didn’t know what to even start with. So I asked him and He told me I needed a morning routine. So I got back into the habit of reading my Bible and started writing morning pages each morning.
A month later, during a conversation with my mom, I told her I didn’t know what to do next, I didn’t know what I was good at, or even what I enjoyed. And she said when I was little, I enjoyed painting... I could mix colors all day, or something to that effect. So I bought a $10 watercolor set at Target and tried painting. I thought, “what would make this better?” And I added music and a iced tea or coffee. And it was even better. And I sensed God telling me to add that to my morning routine... to spend time with him painting... so after I incorporated one step, then he would give me the next.
It wasn’t even until 1 3/4 years later, I was asked to provide an art workshop consistent with the Worship-Themed Retreat at Victory Bible Camp that God reminded me that was what He was having me do already in my morning routine - prepare to and worship Him through Painting.. and this workshop, the Worship Art Workshop was born!
What this workshop does is provide you the opportunity to connect with God in a 3 hour workshop in a way that took me 1 3/4 years to master, cause I reverse engineered it to help you to experience Him without theming journey to get there.
So maybe you don’t feel like you have the time or energy to do something just to worship God more... but maybe you feel lost, or are wondering about God, or want to hear Him, or need to hear Him, or your life is in upheaval, or really stressful or you are in a situation that it is really hard NOT to think about it that is tough, or maybe you just need a break from what is going on in your life because it is a demanding time of your life - you caretake someone, or parent littles, or have a demanding job, or tough work situation.
The Worship Art Workshop can provide you the break you need, and insight from God to help you reset and continue your journey without burning out.
The beauty of this workshop is that it meets you where you are at and allows you what you need at this point in time, regardless of your painting experience or artistic talent, because God can use wherever you are at. When we worship God, we are allowing the mountain to return to the size of a molehill, we are allowing God to fight our battles, and us aligning with Him reminds us that we are not responsible to carry the burdens we were not meant to carry. Which I don’t know about you, but that gives me a sigh of relief!
If this resonates with you, I recommend you sign-up for the next workshop. And I would love to see you at my next Worship Art Workshop.
If you think this could benefit someone, can you please share it with them? Sometimes the right word at the right time can make all the difference to encourage someone in their life!
To His Glory,
Originally Published Jan 27, 2019

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