Why I created the Grief & Loss Workshop

Did you see this week's announcement? I am holding a grief & loss workshop on September 21, 2019.
Why did I create it? To help people learn tools, a methodology and practical ways to apply them to their life as they navigate the world of loss. Because we live in a fallen world - and things happen whether we choose something with consequences of loss or whether someone else does and we are handed the bag, or whether it is an accident. It doesn't really matter how it came to happen in that we can all experience it in one form or another, even if the exact story and the extent of the loss is different.
What I can say is that when loss affects us deeply, we may make choices to not process it for our own survival. And we just don't want to - or can't go there . And then we avoid it and build our lives around avoiding it, while still carrying the burden of loss.
And then there is the part of ourselves that is not acknowledged because we aren't living with our whole heart.
I grew up in a family with a history of tragedy - lives cut short from accidents, decisions, illness, and diseases. Much of it happened before I was even born, but my family still responded out of those wounds, as they were hurting. And some of it has happened since.
And what I know is, it can affect us deeply, because those people mattered to us. Because we miss them. Because we never even got to know them. Because we wanted more time with them.
Because if it were up to us, we would have found a way to help them live.
And yet. all that wishing, or any of our efforts, didn't keep them alive. And now we are left to live life without them. Unsure what to do or not do, knowing it is too painful to think about or we become too emotional when we talk about them or what happened, so we just don't. And the meaning we take away from the whole experience is that we are not enough. Not enough to save them. Or that we shouldn't be so affected by it, or that we don't deserve joy now because they are gone. Our judgments against ourselves, or by others, doesn't bring them back, but yet we or others do it as a way of coping with it. But it only serves us for so long, if it does at all.
Or maybe we feel guilty if care taking for them took a lot of energy of all kinds and now it is a relief in any way that they aren't hurting anymore, or that we can now get our needs met. Or maybe they harmed us and we are relieved for another reason.
But I am here to tell you there is a better way - there is a way to process those judgments, there is a way to let them go and give yourself permission to grieve and experience joy again - without it meaning you loved them any less. To experience life with a fuller heart again.
If any of this resonates with you, I created this workshop for you.
Come to my 3 hour workshop to learn how - and set-up and apply the tolls to you, your situation and season in life.
To learn more, go here.
Deadline to register is Tuesday, September 17 at 9 pm.
Originally Published September 4, 2019.

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