Why Paint the Story Workshop

Sometimes I screw up.
Sometimes I make mistakes.
Sometimes I forget to put gas in my vehicle...or think I can do one more errand or pickup before running out.
And then I run out of gas.
Late at night.
On a highway with no shoulder or in an empty parking lot.
In fact, that happened as recently as this fall, when I put off getting gas until after an Art Workshop,
and then realized I didn't even have enough gas to get to the gas station,
and one of the participants of the workshop
graciously took me to Walmart
to buy a gas can and then help me fill it with gas, and return me to my vehicle.
Sometimes you can't make this stuff up, because it is real life.
I am human, you are human.
And we forget to fill-up with gas or rationalize out of filling-up when we need to (or is it just me?!?).
And yet,
God can meet us in those moments,
of forgetfulness,
of thinking we got it handled,
and it blowing up in our faces,
of thinking we don't need to fill up with gas just yet,
that we can drive on fumes,
and then we are surprised when we run out of gas...
I don't know about you,
but I appreciate being reminded that God is in charge,
that the world spinning on it's axis is not a product of my effort,
'cause what if I forgot to do that on the to do list like the getting gas?
We'd all be in perpetual light or darkness,
and who wants that?!?
Okay, maybe winter in Alaska, I wouldn't mind more light, but you get the idea.
So have you ever had a time in your life when God literally saved you from something?
That you did or didn't do?
Or because of what someone else did or didn't do?
Or comforted you in time of loss or brokenness?
Led you through something that you wouldn't have gotten through otherwise?
Maybe you have and some even already came to mind.
Maybe you have but you don't have one particular story on the top of your mind.
Maybe you can't think of anytime that has happened.
Or maybe you can only think of a time when He didn't come through for you in some way.
God can speak to you in that moment, of helping you see where He was involved, and meet you there.
So why Paint the Story?
Because we are human, and we forget, and we rationalize,
thinking we have it handled, and then wonder why it blew up in our faces.
Or is it just me?
And if that is the case, maybe you know someone
that could benefit from hearing your story,
and you can use your paintings to tell them about your stories...
Paint the Story Workshop is for people
that have never picked up a paint brush to professional artists.
This workshops provides you
the opportunity
to remember the times God has met you
in the stories of our lives,
and not just once, but 3 times (a trend, people!).
The paintings you paint are specific to you,
as well as the meaning behind them -
because, let's face it,
it is the meaning we attribute
to the stories of our lives
that make the biggest impact on us,
keeping us stuck or allowing us to move forward.
I'd love for you to join me at the next Paint the Story Workshop!
It is happening THIS Saturday, February 9 from 6:30-9:30 pm,
the deadline to register is Wednesday Night, February 6!
Purchase your ticket at: www.AnnaJaneElliott.com/workshops
Originally Published Feb 5, 2019 

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