One Word From God

One word from God can change the trajectory of your life... one word from Him can reset your perspective on a situation, on a series of situations, on a relationship, on your work or career or calling, on who you are, or what you were made to do. It can make what was impossible, seem possible, and what was unbearable, now bearable. I should know, it has happened with me through painting.
And when we process our year through painting, we have the opportunity to acknowledge what happened, victories and lessons learned, and to celebrate them both, because while we are made in His image, we are also still human, and expecting perfection is taking on a burden we are not meant to carry.
Through painting at my Paint Your Year Workshop, you have a chance to hear from Him, and gain His perspective on what happened, what is ongoing, and what it means. Because while He is outside of time, we are not, and what happens in the past, can affect the decisions we make in the future without even realizing it if we don't address it. We have a chance to bring to light what is unresolved, and deal with it, so that it is not longer influencing our future in a negative way.
In painting, we have a chance to access our emotions and bypass our logic brain, which helps us to know what we are feeling, particularly if we are spending much of our time at a job that requires living on the logic side of our brain, which makes it more difficult to go back and forth between our logic side and our emotional side, because we spend so much time on one side, when we are meant to go back and forth as needed. By accessing both, we can see the disconnect, and where we might have emotions that do not reflect what our mind thinks, and we have a chance to choose what to believe, and a chance to process those emotions as intended, allowing us to move forward in our lives.
Sometimes what we need is one word from God, one aspect of clarity, that gives us what we need from Him so that we can decide to move from fear to take a step of courage, that gives us the opportunity to connect with Him, restore broken relationships, to make tough decisions that help us to align our lives with what we believe and value. Sometimes what we need is to hear from Him, to know that He sees us, knows us and loves us and has not forgotten us. That He is using whatever we are in to build character in us, to impact lives for the better for all eternity. Maybe you already know all this... but do you believe it with your heart? Do you feel it in your heart with the same depth of the certainty that you know it in your mind? Because my workshops can help you with that disconnect. Because painting is a tool. And the Holy Spirit loves to remind us of who we are and how much God loves us. And when we feel that to the extent that we know it, we can move forward in a way that impacts not just those immediately around us, but throughout the world.
So what happened this past year? What were the victories, and the lessons you learned? Have you celebrated them? And what are you to focus on / what lens are you to make decisions on, or a priority this year?
Maybe you think you know, maybe you haven't thought about it yet? Whatever the case, God can bring more to light to you in my Paint Your Year Workshop, happening this Saturday, the deadline to sign-up is tonight!
I'd love for you to come, and I am excited for you to know more about this past year, and the next year! End this year well and start the next in a good place!
Learn more & Register here.
For His glory,
Originally Published Dec 27, 2018

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