Cool Abstract Landscape - Story Behind the Painting

Story time once again. This painting started much like post-its or any other invention gone wrong... but highly beneficial... I had bought professional paint, and different variations of it, in colors I appreciated, and was experimenting with the full body version. Which pulled, and was not giving me the result I wanted, and I was frustrated and felt let down. It seemed like everything was going wrong... and I questioned whether it was a good idea to even start using professional grade paint, thinking I am not ready for this... and then I took a step back.
"Sometimes it takes taking a step back from the situation we are right smack in the middle of, to see the larger picture." -Anna Elliott
So I did, I took a step back. And took a break, walking across the room, and then as I looked up and back at the painting, I could see it - what it was, a more abstract version of landscape than I had done before. So what did I learn? To not knock trying new things. To give myself a chance to try new things, and not expect perfection, whether the first time, or any time. To let myself play, and the result from playing may be more creative than it would have been otherwise. And the result stretched me, and helped me to see that we can only see so much up close. Sometimes we just need to take a step back.. And maybe we will get a glimpse of what God is doing... or what the situation really is... and find the good in that.
Originally Published Feb 13, 2019

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