The Art of the Start

just start Aug 08, 2020
What is it about starting a blog that is so intimidating?
Is it the idea of putting oneself out there, for others to critique one's writing?
And what about the posts, do I make them in prose, in long written form, paragraph after paragraph, or one sentence?
I could probably sit here and analyze those decisions and spend the 5 seconds I have to do it before talking myself out of it a la Mel Robbins' Ted Talk, or I could just begin...
'Cause everybody starts somewhere...
The thing is, I know I want to share the stories behind the paintings I paint, what God has been teaching me along this journey, and other aspects of spirituality, art and many other topics impacted by my relationship with God or creating.
So the idea of a blog has been brewing in my head for quite some time. Not only to notify you on updates to the workshop calendar of events, but also introduce you to new workshops as I create and test them! As well as artwork I create! And all the things I ponder, consider, mull over, that at this point, rarely makes it past my morning pages (thank you Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way). I want to contribute to, hold space for, and be able to have conversations about all of those things. And I want to hear from you. So a blog has begun. And you have just finished reading the first post... kudos to you!
Thanks for reading my first post, it can only get better from here, and be sure to provide an encouraging comment below!
Originally Posted September 16, 2018

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