Connecting to the Heart of God through Painting

Art Sozo Workshop

The focus of the Art Sozo Workshop is to connect to God's heart through painting.  During this 3 hour workshop, participants can paint up to 4 paintings.

Art Sozo Background

Bethel Sozo was compiled from an initial set of tools and further developed by Dawn

DeSilva and Theresa Liebescher of Bethel Redding Church.  Art Sozo was created by

Gail Spooner as a combination of Sozo and Art4Healing methodology.  Anna Elliott

trained under Gail Spooner and received training from Laurie Zagon of Art &

Creativity for Healing.

What is Art Sozo?

Sozo in Greek means "Saved, Healed, Delivered."  Bethel Sozo is an inner healing and

deliverance process utilizing specific tools to equip ministries to help people connect

with God more fully.  Art Sozo blends Bethel Sozo inner healing tools with art exercises

to connect with God on a deeper level.

Each person's Art Sozo experience is unique to them.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for individuals interested in connecting to God, themselves and others. The Art Sozo workshop is for people in search of breakthrough in an area where they have felt stuck or who desire to hear God's voice.

What if I am not an artist or a painter?

No artistic talent is required for this workshop.  This workshop focuses on the meaning behind the painting. 


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Art Sozo Workshop concepts and materials used with permission from creator Gail Spooner, Bethel Church, Redding, CA. 

Four word exercise used with permission from Laurie Zagon, Art & Creativity for Healing, Inc., Laguna Hills, CA.


“My connection with God is stronger, clearer than before.” 

Ken, Art Sozo Participant

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