Hello, I'm

Anna Jane 

I am an artist and art workshop developer and instructor who lives in Anchorage, Alaska.  I blend my life's focus of emotion and spirituality with my love of color in my art.


I am on a journey to create and connect.  My mission is to connect with myself, God and others, to express myself creatively through paintings. and to empower and inspire people to do the same.


I create paintings and have printed cards of some of those paintings.  I write about my paintings, the stories behind them and my journey on my blog.  I also develop and teach a variety of Art Workshops.


When I am not creating art, developing or teaching workshops, I am rebounding or working out, spending time with my kiddo, teaching him to cook and bake healthy food that tastes good, creating art with him, and playing outside, hiking or camping with my family and friends or chatting with my hubby, family and friends.


What I do 

I paint paintings...

Through my own journey, I have found the value in painting on a regular basis. 

With God. With myself.  With others. 

What has painting in this way provided to me?

It has allowed me the words when the words wouldn't come. 

It has provided me a way to process my grief after my mother died.

It has become an option for me to process emotions in a healthy way, that would otherwise be ignored, internalized until it resulted in a physical ailment. 


Painting has given me a way to:

process previous situations

not become stuck in the past

and have the capacity to move forward.

Painting has also given me a way to connect with myself, God, and others, to be able to live my life, instead of feeling like it is just passing me by.

It has provided the capacity to look to the future with hope, that God is a good God and has great things planned for me instead of focusing on the negative.

It has provided a way for me to gain clarity on what is important to me and on what I am focusing on and an intentional way to focus on something purposefully.

And it has become a fuel to help others find a way to to do the same.


I paint because I need to...

I paint because it helps me...

I paint because it gives me a threshold...

that I wouldn't have otherwise.

AND I paint because I enjoy it!

I teach art workshops...

I instruct workshops, one I was trained in, and others that I have created, to enable other people to obtain tools, techniques and build habit muscles

that I have achieved through training

as well as the journey that I have been on the last few years. 

For each of the workshops, I have tested them on people, and have received great feedback, which I have incorporated into my workshops, and use as a basis for moving forward with teaching art workshops.  

My workshops address the whole body: spirit, soul and body, because we are people made of a spirit, mind, will, emotions and a physical body.  

I teach these experiential workshops to benefit the participants, and helping others adds meaning to my life.

I write about my paintings..

It is important to me to "practice what I preach" and to provide encouraging stories to those that need it.  I have a lot of ideas of what to write about, some of it is reflected in my paintings, and some I am in the process of creating.  

Writing, for me, provides a further means of processing what I am thinking, and I find that the more I write, the more I realize all that was stored up there in my head!

What I hope my writing provides for you is a different way to think about something, encouragement for this race called life, and a  challenge for you to act in a way that furthers what you were meant to do on Earth. 


Much of what I will write about, and what my paintings reflect, is my relationship with God.  I find that my relationship with Him impacts the rest of my life, including my relationships, so both writing my prayers and about my paintings, provides a means to work that out, and have those conversations with Him.  

I believe that the better I see both Him and myself clearly, the better I am able to have margin in my responses towards others, to be a great me, wife, mama, co-worker, friend and family member, and to fulfill my calling.

I sell my Artwork...

As a visual person, I value the physical representation of something.  In my workshops, I provide a physical way for participants to remember their journey in the workshops through their taking home their painting creations. 

I blog about the stories behind my paintings, as mentioned above.  However, I also provide a tangible way for people to gain encouragement by having physical reminders of my paintings and the meaning behind them through the purchase of my original artwork or the notecards of these original art pieces. 


The paintings and notecards can be purchased through me on my website, or in person while attending one of my workshops.

My Story

My story with art began as a young child, mixing custom colors and painting paintings on an easel on the back deck. Like most children, I didn't label myself as an artist, I just thought that was what everybody did, and that at some point, you "grow out of it"...


As a grew up, schooling shifted focus from creating things for classes, to creating things outside of class, to creating things in my free time.... a "normal" progression, I thought.


I must have recognized that I enjoyed creating and design, because I enrolled in an Architecture Program... and a year and a half into it, it seemed like the harder I tried, the worse I did, or so I thought based on my interpretation of the professor's feedback... so I quit.  

I took classes towards a Spanish minor.  And took one interior design class, and that day, the professor was talking about what engineers did, and that sounded good (safe), so I switched to engineering.

I went on a received my degrees and started working...

I found ways to balance my work life with the rest of my life and that seemed to work for a long time....even after getting married....


Until a few years ago when my son was born.   And all my resources became wrapped up in my 5 lb baby.

My time was now spread over more activities and people.  My forms of creative expression that I had been doing were not baby-friendly.   


And my priorities shifted - I had trouble prioritizing time to create.   So I stopped.  And guess what happened?!?


My happiness at my job waned because my heart wasn't in it anymore, but I didn't know it yet. It felt like I was doing all the things others needed me to do...or was expected of me...but it wasn't what lit me up...and it not longer provided meaning to my life.  


And I had no idea what I enjoyed doing anymore, because what I enjoyed before wasn't very applicable to a working mother (ie, glass mosaics and adventure trips).  


I felt stuck, like I wasn't growing, caught in a tornado, that was barreling it's way through my life, destroying what was left. 


And it continued through life's circumstances...


my mom's cancer diagnosis and fight


trying to work during the day


take care of my mom after work


and spend time with son late at night. 


It wasn't the best plan... but I wanted to be there for both of them, so I choose to do so during my non-work time.  It felt like life was passing me by...and what I was doing was trying to keep some ship afloat that was at risk of capsizing.


It seemed like the only way because I didn't have the capacity at the time to come up with other ways.


I realized that if I had to choose,  I realized didn't want to be at work anymore because it was preventing me from having more time: with my mom who was fighting cancer AND my son who was growing up so fast...


And then it happened... I was laid off.. and afterwards, I felt relieved! 


I didn't have to do all the things...maybe I could figure out life how to live my life in alignment with who I was...and the journey began….to figure out who I was again...what I valued, what I loved, and even enjoyed doing and what work would help others and add meaning to my life!


Get to Know Me





I enjoy:


going on adventures,

the beach,


weight lifting,

home decorating,

re-arranging furniture,

colors in my color palette,

making healthy food that tastes good

and drinking spindrift!


I am:

a systems thinker,

a creative analyst,

an essentialist,

 an efficient berry picker

and a project engineer.



teaching my kiddo,

having deep conversations with friends,

a walk in the sunshine with hubby

and spending time with family.



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